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China-U.S. Climate Change Forum:

This panel of ecologists, economists, and insurers will examine the economic and social risks of climate change, the vast differences in the vulnerability of different nations and social groups to those risks, and the scale of investment needed to adapt to climate change as its impacts increase. 
Panelists include: David Roland-Holst, University of California at Berkeley; Jianguo (Jack) Liu, Michigan State University; Gary Guzy, Marsh USA Inc.; Erda Lin, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Peter Hayes, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Nautilus Institute. The China-U.S. Climate Change Forum was organized by the Berkeley China Initiative, which is forging closer ties between U.C. Berkeley and China by bringing together key experts on important international and bilateral issues.
Growing concern over climate change makes this topic an obvious choice for the first of this series of annual events. This panel will highlight the mutual vulnerability of China and the U.S. to climate change, and the indispensable role of scientific research in understanding the problem and developing solutions.
The Forum is co-sponsored by Peking University's College of Environmental Sciences and UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, International and Area Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies, Center for Chinese Studies, Energy and Resources Group, and Berkeley Institute of the Environment. Financial sponsors include the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, the Energy Foundation, and the Hewlett Foundation.

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