Climate Change - Global Warming Guides

Science of Climate Change
Images and indepth reports from the yahoo global warming special.

The Warming of the Earth
A beginner's guide to understanding the issue of global warming
"Whereas in the past human impacts were local, reversible, and escapable through migration, they are now typically, global, irreversible, and inescapable." - Paul Ehrlich

Stop Climate Chaos

Global Warming Special from NY Times, Issues in depth

Greenpeace Climate Change Website

The Discovery of Global Warming

The Guardian Unlimited about Climate Change,12374,782494,00.html

CRC for Greenhouse Accounting "Climate Change News"

The New Scientist about Climate Change

Comprehensive Climate Change special from the BBC weather team

Climate Change experiment and
"We need the computer power you're not using. An experiment developed for the BBC by climate scientists, led by Oxford University, using the Met Office climate model."

ABC news Global Warming Special

Interactive Guides

The Basics of Climate Prediction

Guardian Unlimited - "Global Warming",,1267004,00.html
Guardian Unlimited - "Slowdown of the Gulf Stream",5860,1656541,00.html

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